We thought to kick off the Geospatial Geoscience blog with an awesome tip concerning ArcPro.

After initializing and getting data into the software it quickly became apparent that the usual long list of styles was no longer there!  Symbology groups like “Petroleum UK” and “Geology 24k” are not shipped with the new software however, they can be imported from your old install of ArcGIS Desktop (if you’re upgrading) otherwise we can grab symbology sets from Portal.

In this example, we will simply grab the symbols from Portal.

Let’s draw some dip-strike symbols

I have a feature class with dip strike information in the attribute fields. However, when I try to change the symbology my only options are ArcGIS standard symbols (ArcGIS 2D and ArcGIS 3D) and there’s no sign of any Geology or Petroleum symbols.

To solve this you can download the style files (which now have the .stylx file suffix) via searching Portal. Go to the Insert Tab > Add > Add Style when a window will open to search and navigate your project, Portal and your computer system.

We searched All Portal for “geology style” and 4 options came up including “Geology 24k” as well as the Shell Standard Symbology Styles which will be of interest to petroleum users of ArcGIS.

I simply selected the “Geology 24K” style, hit OK and it downloaded and immediately became available in my ArcPro session popping up in the Symbology pane.

I can now go ahead assign the symbology and orientate the symbols to the values found in my attribute table.

Assigning a symbol

After selecting the symbol you can edit it by selecting “Properties” at the top of the pane where typical options are displayed including colour, size, halos etc… In this example, the symbol was changed to a red with white halo so you can see the points against the background imagery.

When finished with formatting the symbol, click the back arrow at the top of the symbology pane until you reach the title. From here we can alter the orientation of the symbols by hitting the option on the top right (those three horizontal bars):

and that’s it we have a series of points with the correct symbol orientated to the strike values in the attribute table…hopefully, this tip will get you started working with ArcPro and if you need any assistance, tips or training on the software just get in touch with us.

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